From the collection of Dr. J. Gregory Payne.

Kent State campus
View from where National Guard fired
View of the parking lot from where the guard fired
View of the Common from the site of the ROTC building remains
View from pagoda
Anniverary at Kent State, 1995
CPLA President Phil Kraft and Mary Vecchio at 1995 anniversary
Parking lot before construction of the memorial markers, 1990
Dedication of markers, 1995
Alan Canfora at dedication of markers
Dr. Payne at Bill Schroeder's memorial marker
Spot where Bill Schroeder was killed
Spot where Jeffrey Miller was killed
Memorial at Kent State in Prentice Hall Parking Lot
Flowers are better than bullets
Sarah Scheuer at Kent State, 1995
May 4 memorial tree at Kent State University
May 4 memorial tree (again)
Sculpture of bullet hole
Prof. Jerry Lewis (pictured with cap)
Crowd at memorial ceremony
Martin and Sarah Scheuer, parents of Sandy Scheuer at Kent State memorial forum, Kent State University, May, 1982.
New Student Union

Howard Ruffner's photographs, ©1970 Howard E. Ruffner
Protest march in downtown Kent
Protestors holding a banner
Ohio Governor James A. Rhodes surveys the area
Soldiers near the ROTC building
Protestors gathering on the lawn at Kent State
Students and soldiers
National Guard soldiers stand ready
Soldiers fire tear gas to disperse the students
A student protestor running in tear gas
National Guard troops moving up the hill
Soldiers ready with rifles and gas masks
Soldiers in gas masks move over the hill
Bystanders next to an injured student
Students giving first aid
Victim lying injured
Student protestors form a chain
Mary Vecchio kneels down over Jeff Miller
Shooting victim Jeff Milller lies dead on the ground
Alan Canfora waving a black flag before he was shot in the wrist
Demonstrators stand saddened

Kent State: A Requiem
Scene from Requiem at Occidental College, 1980
First cast of Requiem at Occidental College, 1980
Scene from Requiem at Emerson College, 1985
Requiem actors being filmed for the Today Show, 1995
Actor playing Allison Krause in Requiem at Emerson College
Florence Schroeder with actor who played Bill Schroeder
Florence Shroeder at Requiem
Florence Shroeder actress in Requiem at Kent with Dr. Payne
Requiem at Emerson College flowers
Kendra Hicks and Kevin Mecuiry with Dr. Payne
Kendra Hicks (Allison, right) of North Carolina State production with Jill Polgar (Florence Schroeder), Kent State performance,1995.
Requiem actor at Kent, 1990
Requiem at Kent, 1990
Cast of Requiem at Kent, 1990
Scene from Requiem at Kent, 1995
Requiem actors at May 4 memorial
Requiem actors at University of North Carolina (inc. Kendra Hicks pictured next to last on right)
Scene from Kent State: A Requiem, Occidental College cast, l981, Occidental College, Los Angeles, California.
Scene from Kent State: A Requiem, performed at University of Illinois, Spring, 1981.
Kent State: A Requiem performance Part II. Jeff Selleck, Neil Tadkin, Corrie Patterson, Tom Flynn, Laura Moore. Photo by Thomas David. In l982, the Requiem performances included rock opera lyrics and music by Peter Marston, who played Bill Schroeder in the original readers' theatre version. this picture is of the performance at Occidential College, Spring, 1981.
Tom Flynn as Jeffrey Miller, Act 1, Purgatory, Kent State A Requiem, 1981, Occidental College cast.
Terry Troy as Allison Krause, (ibid).
Terry Troy as Allison, Purgatory, Act one, (ibid).
Tom Flynn as Jeff Miller, May 1, 1970, Act 1 , (ibid).
Neil Tadkin, (Bill Schroeder), Act 3, Last conversation with his mother, Kent State: A Requiem, Kent State University performance, May, 1981.
Neil Tadkin (Bill Schroeder) and Tom Flynn (Jeffrey Miller) in purgatory, Act 1, Kent State: A Requiem, Rend Lake College, Mt. Vernon, Illinois performance, Spring, 1981.
Terry Troy (Allison), John David (Narrator) and Neil Tadkin ( Bill Schroeder) at the Kent State art exhibit of Lynda Lyke paper hangings, Occidental College, Spring, 1981.
Kent State: A Requiem cast, Occidental College premiere, Spring, 1981.
Actress who played Sandy Scheuer, Occidental College, 1980

Kent State, NBC's Award winning docudrama, "Kent State" aired in l981.
On location, filming of Sandy Scheuer's parking lot scene, NBC's emmy award winning "Kent State," Gadsden, Alabama, Summer, 1981.
View of motorcycle gang on "Blanket Hill" NBC's filming of "Kent State," Gadsden, Alabama, Summer, l981.
Gregory Payne, historical consultant,  with Gadsden radio interviewers, Gadsden, Alabama, as part of NBC promotional tour for docudrama, Kent State.
Keith Gordon (Jeffrey Miller) depicted in clothing similar to what Jeff wore on May 4, 1970.
Talia Balsam (Sandy Scheuer) depicted in clothing similar to what Sandy wore on May 4, 1970.
Cast of NBC's Kent State, Keith Gordon (Jeff Miller), Talia Balsam (Sandy Scheuer), Gregory Payne, John Filo (pulitizer prize winning photographer who took the picture of Mary Vechio over the body of Jeff Miller on May 4, 1970, Jane Fleiss (Allison Krause), Jeff McCracken (Bill Schroeder) at Gadsden State University, Summer, 1980
Film crew at Gadsden State, Summer 1980.
Film crew (ibid).
John Filo at Gadsden State
John Filo and Michael Horton (left) actor who played Cody the guardsman

Mary Vecchio
On a reservation in Arizona
Mary with Alan Canfora, 1995
Mary relaxing

T-shirts designed by Kendra Hicks
Kendra Hicks at Kent State Memorial Forum, 1983. Photo by Kendra Hicks.
T-shirt 1970-2000 Kent State Vietnam... Never Again! Learn It Live It Teach It
T-shirt In The Footsteps of History... We March With Them Kent State 25th Commemoration
T-shirt Casualties of War Kent State 27 Commemoration May 4 1970-1997

J. Gregory Payne circa 1973
Tom Grace, Alan Canfora, and Chic Canfora
Col. Charles Fassinger being interviewed
Vito Silvestri speaks with Dean Kahler
Gene Young (wounded at Jackston State) at Emerson retrospective, 1995
Panel at Emerson retrospective, 1995
Candle light vigil at Emerson College
Dean Kahler, Gene Young Jackson State, Emerson College Retropsective, 1990, Vigil across the Common with Emerson students
May 4 Observance at Kent State, 1990
Ohio Senator Howard Metzenbaum at Kent State, 1990.
Parking lot, candle light vigil, 2 a.m. May 3, 1888.
Standing vigil KSU May 4, 1991
Artwork at vigil
More artwork at vigil
Artistic rendition of the vigil on May 3 at Kent State University.
Kent memorial stone
Alan Canfora, wounded at Kent State, May 1970, at the Boston Massacre Memorial, Boston, MA for the Candlelight Vigil following the 25th Anniversary Forum, Kent State - Jackson State Retrospective, Sponsored by the Center for Ethics in Political and Health Communication though a generous donation by Helen C. Rose and Shawn Donnelley.
The official May 4 Task Force stance. Anti-war demonstration, Washington DC Jan. 1991. Photo by Kendra Lee Hicks.
Kendra Hicks, Kent State activist, Washington March, l991,  Photo by Michael Pacifico.
Kendra Hicks and Gene Young, wounded at Jackson State in May 1970.  At Cleveland Leadership Council, spring, 1982, Photo by Michael Pacifico.
Jeff Miller's mother and stepfather, with Alan Canfora and Greg Payne at Jeff's high school in Plainview New York.  The student govt. association dedicated a room in honor of Jeff last year.
Pencil renderings of students taking part in vigil at KSU, 1985.
Grief expressed in pencil drawing, KSU, May 4, 1985.
Russian professors and visitors at Kent State, 1990.
Parents of Russians students killed by military in Moscow with Dr. Payne, 1990.

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